Media Coverage of the Weberman Trial

Sexual molestation is a big deal, I hardly think that’s debatable. Big enough to be worthy of press coverage? Well, it seems there’s no consensus on that.

As you may or may not know, Nechemya Weberman’s trial is underway. Allegedly, Mr. Weberman committed many acts of sexual abuse to patients he was counseling (without a license). While various secular media outlets have shown interest in the case, the Jewish news sites (with one notable – and late-coming , I think – exception) seem to be ignoring the case. (I should note that some of the bloggers have discussed it, but I don’t think they get near the readership of the news sites.) In addition, I highly doubt that the Yated will have coverage of the trial. Which raises the question: Why? Or as Rabbi Horowitz expounded:

Is the trial news-worthy? I should think so. I don’t want to get into deep theory on the purpose of the press right now, but if you – like me – feel that this is important news about which we should be informed, I would suggest looking at Rabbi Horowitz’s twitter feed. He’s been live-tweeting the trial for days, now, and it seems to me that he’s got about the best coverage of the trial that is out there.

Update: As has been pointed out, @orenNYDN and @aburstein are both providing detailed coverage of the goings-on. So it would be wise to follow them. If you’re not on Twitter, you can see their feeds, as well.


2 thoughts on “Media Coverage of the Weberman Trial

  1. Rabbi Horowitz is doing tons of good, but for details of the trial, @OrenNYDN and @aburstein are actually doing much detailed coverage.

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