Chumra of the Day

Reading glasses

There is a rather well-known “chumra” in certain circles. Men, while courting, take off their glasses so as not to look at their respective dates. (Whether this is a legitimate attempt at holiness or simply pseudo-holiness, I’m not sure. It probably depends on the individual)

The problem with engaging in such a practice is clear: The fellows look ridiculous and are doing something which, at the very least, is mechzi k’yuhara.

This evening, I came upon a solution. If the fellows would put on reading glasses with the wrong prescription, they would fulfill their objective of not seeing their date while not, frankly, looking like idiots. This could even be done practically; to wit, one could drive on the date with the appropriate prescription and switch after parking to the inappropriate one. I think that if the frames are similar, this could be done without anyone being wise to it.


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