News and Links (Week of August 5, 2013)


7 thoughts on “News and Links (Week of August 5, 2013)

  1. The link for Rabbinical College ends spouse rule for students leads to the article “Army insists Haredi base not off limits to women.”

  2. “The preponderance of intermarriage has made it usually pointless to shun those who have married out,” said Avi Shafran, director of public affairs for the haredi Orthodox Agudath Israel of America. “Once upon a time, intermarriage was a sign that the Jewish partner was rejecting his or her Jewish heritage. That is no longer the case, of course, and hasn’t been for decades.”

    “Once you’ve intermarried, it doesn’t mean you’ve left the Jewish faith,” said Rabbi Menachem Penner, acting dean at Yeshiva University’s rabbinical school, the Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary.

    “As times go on, we have to constantly evaluate what is the best response,” he said. “Given that it happens, what’s the best way for the community to approach it? The last thing we’d want that person to do is to throw everything away just because they’re intermarried.”

    Good to see the convergence of chareidi and MO thought (Do either of them really believe it?)

  3. They might think there’s a distinction to make – intermarriage from an Orthodox-educated person could be interpreted as a rejection of Jewish heritage, while from more liberal wings it is not.

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