Before You Read

Welcome to Machshavos (or Machshavot, if you prefer) – Torah Thoughts.

Just a couple of things you should realize before you read my blog:

  1. I am not a rabbi. Nor am I an expert on Jewish law. So, you might (i.e. should) probably take things I say with a grain of salt. If you forget the salt, I can’t take responsibility.
  2. The fact that I link to a site does not mean I endorse its views, nor does it mean I endorse it. In case you don’t trust me, I’ll link to the Wikipedia page of Joseph Stalin. What? Wikipedia doesn’t do it for you? Here’s Mein Kampf. Linking (at least on this site) does not equal endorsement.
  3. For whatever reason, for right now, I’d like to remain anonymous. Minor personal (or kind of personal) details mentioned may be somewhat inaccurate.

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